I am available:

Santa Rosa Location: Wine Country Day Spa @ 1601 Terrace Way

  • Monday: 11am - 9pm
  • Tuesday: 11am - 9pm 
  • Wednesday: 11am - 9pm 
  • Thursday: 11am - 9pm
  • Friday: 11am - 5pm
  • Saturday: By advance appointment only
  • Sunday: Closed

 If you need an appointment that is not on my calendar, please call or text me at 707-480-1226.

It is requested that you do not wear lotion or oils before your appointment.

If you need to cancel, please call within 24 hours of your appointment. If you're sick, please cancel as soon as possible. There will be no penalty.

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Heavily exercised muscles may also lose their capacity to relax, causing chronically tight (hypertonic) muscles, and loss of flexibility. Lack of flexibility is often linked to muscle soreness, and predisposes you to injuries, especially muscle pulls and tears. Blood flow through tight muscles is poor (ischemia), which also causes pain. Some benefits of manual therapy for exercise and injury prevention:

  1. Reduced chance of injury by improving range of motion and muscle flexibility.
  2. Performance enhancing results with improved power and performance.
  3. Shortened recovery time between workouts.
  4. Maximizes the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow and the elimination of lactic acid in the muscle (a by-products of exercise).

With regular manual therapy for maintenance I can zero in on particular muscle groups and work specific tissues, I can help maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility. The overall objective of a maintenance program is to help you reach optimal performance through injury-free training. Regular massage also gives a therapist a chance to find your unique trouble spots, perhaps from past injuries. I pay special attention to these areas, monitor them for developing problems, and help keep them in good condition. 

If you have severe issues it is highly recommended that you schedule 90 minute sessions. This insures that you get the relief desired.


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Monday through Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday:  11am - 5pm
Saturday: By advance appointment only
Sunday: Closed