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I am so grateful that I found Mark! I moved her from San Francisco, and I didn't think I would find someone who could help me with my sports injuries. My life is, work hard, play hard. I have a bulged disk, knee issues, and shoulder issues. I recently had a bulged disc crisis, and for the first time ever I was having trouble walking. After 3 visits to Mark I am 90% better. I did stretch, ice and kept mildly active - this helped, but 90% of my healing is thanks to him. Mark is very good at what he does. He is intuitive and caring. If you have an injury, do yourself a favor and meet with him.
S.....P, 12/26/16 -
Hi Mark, your treatment today was amazing!! I feel a whole new level of overall physical awareness and function in my body and right shoulder. The left back pain while not completely gone is significantly improved. Thank you so much for your extra efforts for me today and seeing me on Saturday too!!
Linda, 5/7/16 -
Based on the recommendation of my Yelper husband Tom S., I have been to Mark now two times.  He is a fantastic massage therapist with a multitude of styles and techniques.  I have a chronic shoulder issue plus after sitting at the computer day after day, my body starts to feel like it needs to be "unwound".  When I leave there I actually feel about two inches taller!  Plus I have much more movement in my shoulder.  I will continue to visit Mark for the overall health of my body and mind!  Check out his website as he runs specials everyone now and then.
Barbara S., 11/27/14 -
You have not experienced the definition of an all-around structural, healing, and therapeutic massage until you see this guy right here. I have YET to find a massage therapist as thorough / dedicated as Mark given his price range, along with his techniques. I suffer from scoliosis and in one session, this guy took years of strain, damage, and stress on my body like no other. I would drive 5 hours from the greater Sacramento area, roundtrip, just to see him as that's how good he was, but given the fact that I currently live in Southern California, I am now on the search for someone like Mark and have yet to find a therapist, hoping I'll find someone just as good. This guy knows his stuff, and you will not be disappointed. If you live anywhere near the area, check this guy out.
Ryan A. , 2/29/16
This is no spa massage. If you need relief from tight muscles, misalignment, etc, then this is the place to go. I have had chronic upper shoulder pain and decreased range of motion for years.  The range of motion in my arms and shoulders have improved dramatically! I also have tight hips, and his techniques have really helped as well. His knowledge of the human body and its mechanics is superb. If you are an athlete, he is the person to see for your aches and pains.
Jennifer F. , 12/9/16
Mark was recommended by a friend who is a client. I have had one massage and am on the books for a massage weekly.  I received a therapeutic massage tailored to my body's special needs. Mark assessed my areas and levels of pain and I was able for the first time to have a 90 minute massage and reap the many benefits. I suffer from acute arthritis in my thumbs and fingers, knee pain, shoulder and neck pain. I have been teaching for 32 years and I wear" my shoulders often as earrings"!  I use a computer, write on the board and lean over students shoulders while assisting them in class.  Also correcting assignments keeps me in a sitting position reading and writing for long periods of time. I need Mark's professional assessment of my pain and solutions through his vast experience in massage techniques. He uses various techniques and approaches which have really alleviated my pain.  I had my first massage on January 2, 2015 and I am still feeling its good effects.  I look forward to my next massage with gusto because I already know how much he has helped the pain levels in my body. Mark also gave me some tips and suggestions about how to stretch and use my body correctly in my job.  He explained what happens when I use my body incorrectly and the effects it has on me.  I found these suggestions helpful and have shared them with other staff members and my students.  I believe massage, especially the techniques Mark Senzig uses, is necessary for everyone regardless of age.  If you are older your body already suffers from bad form or pain from repetitive motion, just think about the younger people just starting their careers and knowing the right way to use their body with massage as part of insuring more healthy ,pain free bodies.
Carol S., 1/6/15 -
You will not find a better massage therapist with the variety of techniques and modalities. I have been seeing Mark since September of 2012 and he has made a HUGE difference in my live.  His techniques have helped to improve mobility of my back and reduce my migraines.  In fact I rarely get them now! His deep tissue massages are great but I also love his Swedish techniques.  Whatever massage technique you need, he knows it!   His prices are fair but he also has great deals that you can take advantage of (purchase more sessions and reduce your costs per sessions). You can't go wrong, even if you just go for one session, you will feel a MAJOR difference in how you move after the massage. Enjoy!!
Danielle N. , 7/4/14


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