Cracking the Code: Advanced Training Videos for Professional Therapists

You’re Onto Something Here!

Your massage toolbox will glow with the addition of Mark Senzig’s Cracking the Code series.

Distilled from a variety of manual therapy approaches, applied in Mark’s 18 year practice, these techniques have proven themselves over and over again to successfully identify causality and promote healing.

Introducing Video #1

Organized as a working reference around 9 specific customer complaints, clearly filmed with detailed closeups, Video 1 explores the most common (and complex) Low Back, Hip, and Hamstring Imbalances, with the 16 assessments and 22 release techniques that are proven to help them, accessible in a detailed table of contents.

Mastering Hip Massage:

And Check Out Mark’s Workshops!

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Deep Tissue Techniques Workshop 1:
Assessing and Balancing the Sacral Base

Deep Tissue Techniques Workshop 2:
Assessing and Releasing the Chronically Locked Neck

Deep Tissue Techniques Workshop 3:
Assessing and Exploring the Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

Deep Tissue Techniques Workshop 4:
Assessing and Treating the Lower Extremities

Therapist Mentorships:
Mentorships (one-on-one guidance and training)

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