Jump Start and Build Your Massage Business with a Therapist Mentorship Program

Jump start and build your massage business! Starting June 5, Mark is hosting a weekly evening class in Sebastopol, CA. Mark will mentor you around difficult orthopedic conditions.

You’ll get keen insights into ways to assess and treat difficult cases as well as naturally market your practice to a brand-new, amazing level!

Five Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are you sometimes frustrated by not getting the results you feel your clients deserve?
  2. Do you sometimes just keep on massaging the same area over and over, thinking it will get better?
  3. Have you had scary dreams of being in your massage room and winging it, not sure how to proceed?
  4. Are you wanting to really understand what’s under your hands before you proceed?
  5. Have you ever wondered why clients are always tight on only one side, session after session?

Get the Answers. Let Me Help You Build Your Practice.

At one time or another, every massage therapist has struggled with at least one of these questions. In my 16 years of professional experience, I certainly have!

Take your frustrations as a good sign that you’re ready to learn more.

As I gradually learned more, I got better and better results for my clients.

Throughout my career, I continually invested in training with some of the finest teachers in our massage community.

The result? It allowed me to gradually transition from relaxation massage–which certainly has its place–to more advanced assessment and palpation skills.

I am honored to be sharing what I have learned, what works, passing it from my hands to yours.

Why Take this Workshop?

Improve your hands-on techniques! 

With greater mastery comes better client results and reviews, as well as potential earnings.

Mark will teach his most successful techniques for hamstrings, sacrum, low-and-mid-back pain and rotational hip patterns.

Here’s a partial list of what you’ll learn in this information-packed, full-day learning program:

  • Check For: Hamstrings- Shoulder Tightness
  • Check For: Suspected Anterior Rotated Hip
  • Check For Lateral Rotated Hip
  • Check For: Tight Erector Spinae Group
  • Evaluate: Sacrotuberous and Long Dorsal Sacroiliac ligaments
  • Check For: Mobility of Ischial Tuberosity Bone
  • Check For: Lamina Groove Fibrotic Tissue and Asymmetrical Spinal Curvature
  • Check For: Decreased Mobility in Gait on One Side
  • Check For: Latissimus Dorsi, Quadrates Lumborum and Iliocostalis
  • Check For: Psoas and Obliques tightness

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CE and Mentorship Details

Taught by Mark Senzig BCTMB, MMT, CMT

This workshop is for professional bodyworkers who want to improve their skills and build their practice. Participants must be Certified Massage Therapists with current certification. Please note that having proper insurance is a MUST.


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Student Comments

“Thank you so much for the most excellent class on Sunday…I really enjoyed it and learned so much from your techniques!  I actually used a number of them on a client yesterday and am looking forward to getting feedback from her today. I’m definitely interested in future classes with you and I look forward to working with you again!”

–Lori K.

“Thank you very much for the class last Sunday. It was educational, and a DVD is extremely helpful!

—Howard and Noriko D.