Jump Start and Build Your Massage Business with a Therapist Mentorship

Jump start and build your massage business! I will travel anywhere in Santa Rosa CA to mentor you around difficult orthopedic conditions. You’ll get keen insights into ways to assess and treat difficult cases as well as naturally market your practice to a brand-new, amazing level!

Five Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are you sometimes frustrated by not getting the results you feel your clients deserve?
  2. Do you sometimes just keep on massaging the same area over and over, thinking it will get better?
  3. Have you had scary dreams of being in your massage room and winging it, not sure how to proceed?
  4. Are you wanting to really understand what’s under your hands before you proceed?
  5. Have you ever wondered why clients are always tight on only one side, session after session?

Get the Answers. Let Me Help You Build Your Practice.

At one time or another, every massage therapist has struggled with at least one of these questions. In my 16 years of professional experience, I certainly have!

Take your frustrations as a good sign that you’re ready to learn more.

As I gradually learned more, I got better and better results for my clients. Throughout my career, I continually invested in training with some of the finest teachers in our massage community.

The result? It allowed me to gradually transition from relaxation massage–which certainly has its place–to more advanced assessment and palpation skills.

I am honored to be sharing what I have learned, what works, passing it from my hands to yours.

Is it Time for You to Take the Next Step?

I’ll work with you one-on-one in your office.

  • Learn in a private, non-rushed, relaxing, supportive environment.
  • Quit glossing over areas of the unknown and get keen insights into treating difficult situations!
  • Be mentored in a variety of techniques, for your specific questions.
  • Advance both your assessment and palpation skills as well as your income.
  • Hire me for mentoring on an as-needed, hourly basis, with no minimum time requirement.

Invest in Your Practice Today

Mentoring Sessions are $135 per hour  (see payment link this page). Or, ask me about discounted rates for extended training commitments.

Questions? Ready to get started? Let’s talk. Get in touch now.

Mentorship Payment

Taught by Mark Senzig BCTMB, MMT, CMT


Please pay for the number of hours you wish, then proceed to the Appointments link to schedule days/times.

# Mentorship Hours

Ask me about discounted rates for extended training commitments.

Client Comments

“I used to have chronic daily pain, but after 2 visits with Mark, I am cured. He noticed that my right leg was pronating. He applied pressure to a tendon there. It hurt, but I knew that it was all for the best.

4 weeks later, I enjoyed an entire pain-free day for the first time in 5 years. I have felt great ever since. I wish doctors would learn about healing the human body this way. For now, there is Mark.”

–Suzanne N. Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating 7/29/2017

“For over a year I’ve been seeing Mark, for his superior knowledge and depth of understanding of body mechanics.

(…) I highly recommend him for sports injury, headaches, and back problems.”

–Deb B. Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating  1/1/2012