Focus: Tight Areas that Create Range of Motion Dysfunction in Necks

Master bodyworker Mark Senzig, BCTMB, MMT, CMT, presents a workshop on advanced Deep Tissue Techniques.

This workshop is for professional bodyworkers who want to improve their skills and build their practice.

Participants must be Certified Massage Therapists with current certification. Please note that having proper insurance is a MUST.

Workshop Details

Advanced Massage Workshops on the Go

Taught by Mark Senzig BCTMB, MMT, CMT

Santa Rosa, CA
Location TBA

9 am – 5 pm

Why Take this Workshop?

Improve your hands-on techniques!

With greater mastery comes better client results and reviews, as well as potential earnings.

We will assess the tight areas which create range of motion dysfunction in necks, such as the upper back, and pectoral – scalene – rib patterns.

Mark’s most successful techniques for unlocking chronic neck issues include:

  • Ungluing the neck muscles – pin and stretch              `
  • Smoothing the cervical lamina groove
  • Thoracic and cervical joint fixation techniques
  • Levator scapula pin, stretch and cross friction technique
  • Translation movement of the cervical joints
  • Unleashing the scalenes and first rib fixation technique
  • Shoulder-drop pectorals – deep stretch technique
  • OA fixation: chin tuck lateral rotation (tense and release)
  • OA fixation: translation movement stepping side to side with flat finger tips
  • The deltoid tuberosity melt, through deep vibration on the posterior and anterior deltoid
  • Clavicle and first rib: vibration / translation technique
  • Nerves: freedom through stretching and flossing techniques

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9 am – 5 pm $145

Minimum 5, Maximum 20
Please bring your own massage table

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Client Comments

“The best deep tissue work I’ve had, really knows what he’s doing. I left feeling actually “fixed” and still feel the effects days later. I have had many deep tissue massages that just hurt and didn’t help much. Mark’s technique is different, it only felt like a good hurt feeling, and I had returned to greater mobility!”

–Tara M. Santa Rosa, CA Groupon 9/30/2012