Advanced Massage Assessment and Release for the Asymmetrical Hip

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Mark will teach his most successful techniques for hamstrings, sacrum, low-and-mid-back pain and rotational hip patterns.

Here’s a partial list of what you’ll learn in this information-packed learning program:

  • Check For: Hamstrings- Shoulder Tightness
  • Check For: Suspected Anterior Rotated Hip
  • Check For Lateral Rotated Hip
  • Check For: Tight Erector Spinae Group
  • Evaluate: Sacrotuberous and Long Dorsal Sacroiliac ligaments
  • Check For: Mobility of Ischial Tuberosity Bone
  • Check For: Lamina Groove Fibrotic Tissue and Asymmetrical Spinal Curvature
  • Check For: Decreased Mobility in Gait on One Side
  • Check For: Latissimus Dorsi, Quadrates Lumborum and Iliocostalis
  • Check For: Psoas and Obliques tightness

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Client Comment

“Thank you Mark. Yes, able to view the video. Learned a lot. Appreciate. Please make more videos.” –Sarah