Let a Master Myoskeletal Massage Therapist Help You Find Relief

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Why this Approach is Different. Going Far Beyond Simple Massage.

Whether you’re an athlete or just active… Whether you face aging issues, or you have the lingering effects of an injury…

If your body hurts, or it isn’t functioning at its best, pain and stiffness can cut into your quality of life.

Get Help from a True Healer

Gentle massage and medication can provide some relief. But real healing requires help from a highly trained professional.

Unlike most standard massage therapists, Mark Senzig is certified in highly specialized approaches that promote healing on a deeper level.

Mark has advanced training in:

Mark’s results and client ratings are a testament to his unique background and skills.

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Do You Have a Lingering Issue? Explore the Results.

“Since 2012, I have seen Mark Senzig once a month, starting with the Sciatic nerve pain he eliminated for me. (….) Last month, for an outbreak of Plantar Fasciitis, he worked on it and within a day the pain was gone and hasn’t returned.  It’s always a pleasure to see him.”

–Dave W.  Santa Rosa, CA, 5.0 star rating 2/16/2017

“There’s not a better massage therapist who has the variety of modalities that he uses.

Since September of 2012 I’ve been seeing Mark. His work’s made a HUGE difference in my life. He has increased my back’s mobility and reduced my migraines. (…) I rarely get them now!”

–Danielle N., Santa Rosa, CA  7/4/2014, 5.0 star rating

“…I’ve got a chronic neck issue, you know, the one that never really goes away. Well, Mark made it go away! Not a cookie cutter massage…Mark works on the areas that you ask him to. My sleep is better than it’s been in years! …highly recommended!”

–Diane L., Long Beach, CA, 5.0 star rating 11/5/2012  

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“I saw Mark today. My daughter and her GF gifted me an hour (massage).  I suffer from hip as well as back pain, and Mark paid attention to the crucial areas, and explained why he was doing what techniques he used. (..he) worked out all my kinks in a very firm but caring way. I feel better already! I’d recommend Mark to those seeking relief from painful joints and muscles!”

–Lorie A., Homedale, ID, 5.0 star rating  1/31/2018

“I moved here from San Francisco and didn’t think I could find someone who could help me with my sports injuries. I am so grateful that I found Mark!

My life is work hard, play hard. I have a bulged disc, knee issues and shoulder issues. I recently had a bulged disc crisis, and for the first time ever I was having trouble walking. After 3 visits to Mark I am 90% better. I did stretch, ice and kept mildly active – this helped, but 90% of my healing is thanks to him. Mark is very good at what he does. He is intuitive and caring.”

–S…. P. San Francisco, CA, 5.0 star rating  12/26/2016

“While working in (Sonoma county) on wild fire relief, I sprained my back and was unable to stand up straight. Mark saw me on short notice, and was able to alleviate a lot of tension in my back in one visit. (…) walked in with a hunch and walked out standing upright.(…) I was very fortunate to find Mark!”

–Kyle J. Los Angeles, CA 5.0 star rating 11/28/2017

“…nothing could touch the deep pain in my lower back (Advil, chiropractic, acupuncture) until, that is, I had an appointment with Mark. Almost magically he knew which aching part of my body was connected to which other aching part (…) he was able to loosen knotted tendons and muscles as tightly strung as piano wires. Highly recommended!”

–Brian E., Santa Rosa, CA, 5.0 star rating 6/8/2018

“You haven’t experienced an all-around therapeutic, healing and structural massage until you see this guy here. (…) I suffer from scoliosis. In one session this guy took off years of stress, damage and strain… I’d drive roundtrip 5 hours from Sacramento, that’s how good he is. (…) This guy really knows his stuff, and if you live anywhere near that area, check him out. You won’t be disappointed.”

–Ryan A., Yorba Linda, CA , 5.0 star rating 2/29/2016

“For about seven months I’ve been seeing Mark and am VERY pleased with his work.

He’s got very strong hands for the deep tissue work but asks regularly if the pressure is too much, then adjusts. I had a lot of sciatic nerve pain on my right side, and since about the second session, it has gone away. Seeing him regularly once a month has eliminated my sciatic pain! Thank you, Mark!”

–Dave W. Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating 3/20/2013

“Mark is a body saver who truly knows his stuff!!  I’m a very hardworking hair stylist whose body pays the price.  Mark gets me up and moving again, always!  I’ve sent my father, boyfriend and several clients to him with great feedback. (…) I highly recommend him to anyone. And thank you, Mark, for being dedicated to my mobility!”

–Quinn B. Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating 6/2/2011

“I have health problems and accident injuries that make massage tricky. Mark manages these detours with ease and grace. He’s skillful, reliable, kind, creative, punctual and very helpful. Highly recommended for both men and women.”

–Sally E. Creve Coeur, MO 5.0 star rating 11/5/2011

“7 years ago I saw Mark Senzig for my frozen shoulder. Over repeated visits (alas, no fast fix for this one) the shoulder healed with suppleness and good range of motion.

So recently I remembered Mark, after a week of steadily increasing shoulder pain. Let’s be honest – the session hurt, but that is the nature of deep tissue work (…) Mark is always very careful to scale back when I ask him to, and after one same-day appointment, my Mark session resulted in the shoulder pain being cut by about 60%.”

–Linda R.  Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating  5/2/2014

“(…) My husband recommended Mark to me for my chronic shoulder issue. Plus after sitting at the computer day after day, my body feels like it needs to be unwound.

I have much more movement in my shoulder after Mark’s work, plus I feel two inches taller! He has a multitude of techniques and styles.”

–Barbara S. Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating 11/27/2014

“Mark is the real deal.

I pinched a nerve and had bulging in my C5. I have been in some serious pain the last 5 weeks. I’ve been to the chiro, had fluffy massages, iced like crazy and took prednisone – nothing touched it. I went to Mark and can say the most of my pain is gone.”

–Miss B., Santa Rosa, CA 5.0 star rating, 7/31/2012